Why I went through a web agency in Toulouse

I was looking for an Internet agency to create my website when I heard about a website creation agency in Toulouse, Brockway Production. I created a tourist concept that I really wanted to promote but I didn't really know the possibilities so I preferred to go through a web design agency that could advise me and do everything from A to Z. In fact, I knew what I didn't want but I didn't know what I wanted!

The idea of the WordPress showcase site

I interviewed several web design agencies to see what was possible, I really wanted something out of the ordinary. I explained that I didn't want a classic website with a menu, text and three or four photos like you see everywhere. My idea was to have a nice advertising brochure to explain my concept to people, to show them beautiful pictures to make them want to contact us.

It is the idea of the showcase site that decided me to go through Brockway Production because the other agencies only offered me classic sites, not high enough for my concept. Although I am not from the region, I preferred to go through this Internet agency in Toulouse because the communication went well between us. They are quite available and I was able to see their previous achievements which I liked a lot. It's not a problem to work remotely as long as the people are reactive.

A quality graphic work

I was able to follow the development of the site and give my ideas as I went along. It's really nice to be able to collaborate like that because in the end, I really have a site that I like and that I'm proud of. The graphic designer did a perfect job with my photos, I had given him a lot of them and he made a good selection to highlight them.

And above all I wanted the site to be simple, so that the visitor would want to explore it without coming across aggressive commercial text. In the end, it makes a great advertising brochure.

Natural referencing

I trusted the agency to optimize the site and as my activity is a rather original niche, I had quickly visits and I am really happy with the positioning in Google. Eric, the founder of Brockway Production, explained me how to use Google Analytics and I see that the path is well done once the visitors arrive: they stay on the site and I have quite a few requests on my contact form so it's the proof that it works.

I was afraid that with all the large photos, the site would take too long to load and that it would discourage visitors but it works very well, it loads quickly. And then on small formats like phone or tablet, it looks really good.

After-sales service

In order for me to be able to work on the site, I had a training over the phone but fortunately, it doesn't take much time. WordPress is really simple, even for amateurs. I don't touch the structure of the site but I can change the pictures as I want. From time to time, I change a line of text. It's very practical, I especially like being able to change the visuals whenever I want. I regularly take beautiful pictures that show my business in a good light so I'm not going to deprive myself of showing them!

And then...

For the moment, it's perfect, but as we discussed, I do intend to develop and expand my concept. So at that time, I will go back to the agency to make some changes, the site was created with the idea that it would be enriched and extended later.

Now I'm on my own and I know that if I have a problem, I can always give them a call at the agency in Toulouse because I tend to forget the layout tips so if I don't touch the site for several weeks, I need a little reminder!

It's true that if I have a recommendation for someone looking for a web design agencyI would tell him to go through Brockway Production!

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  1. Indeed, I am very satisfied with this web design agency, Eric is very responsive and very professional, I highly recommend!
    Frédéric Dansert

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